Bacolod Birthday Escapade

The Bacolod Birthday Escapade, Part 3 of the Visayas Cycle Tour series. This would be the first time I’m visiting Bacolod with no relatives from home accompanying me, and I definitely wanted to take full advantage of it. When this part of the trip was finalized I had no specific itinerary, I just let my cousins take control. And so on that Sunday, we made a roadtrip to Hinoba-an, a town South of Negros Occidental. 

We left Bacolod City in the morning, the streets quite deserted from the previous night’s revelry. We picked up my cousin’s boyfriend along the way and then drove all the way to Hinoba-an, passing by towns and seemingly endless stretches of sugarcane fields, affording us enough time to talk and catch up on things.

We dropped by their house in Hinigaran to pick up some things we needed for our overnight trip, had some coffee and then gas up. As we continued on the road, we passed by Sipalay, where white sand beach resorts dot the shoreline (too bad it wasn’t our destination). We headed to the market to buy some fish and pork to be grilled for dinner, and proceeded to the next town where we’d be spending the night.

IMG_4182   IMG_4189IMG_4185 

Now Hinoba-an is a coastal town, and the beach has always drawn me close, the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the peace and tranquility it offers. After having a delicious lunch at a resto, we found a nearby resort, checked in, and unloaded the gear from the truck. Since it was getting late we decided to chill out at the beach, just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

IMG_4250 IMG_4196 IMG_4223 IMG_4239

After taking pictures with the sunset, we headed back to the house and prepared the food for dinner. It was a cool and cozy night, nothing to think about, have a drink and just relax while playing mahjong for the rest of the night. It was the day before my birthday and I did not have anything planned, I just went with the flow and go wherever my cousins would go.

I had thought to just celebrate my coming birthday with no fanfare, so I was quite surprised when midnight came, my cousin came out with a bacon/pancake cake with a candle in the middle! Turns out that my girlfriend and cousins connived to make this day a whole lot special for me. To say that I was smiling like an idiot was not far from the truth, I WAS smiling from ear to ear. Here’s to you gorgeous and wonderful ladies, for making this birthday a lot more fun than I ever thought possible!

IMG_4255 IMG_4256 IMG_4903 IMG_4895

After the surprise party, we went to bed since it was quite late and we had an event to go to in the morning. Early in the morning, I took a refreshing dip in the cool waters before having breakfast. After having breakfast and freshening up, I loaded the bike to the truck, and took a short ride to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of additional classrooms at a nearby barangay.

With the ceremonies over I took out the bike and cycled down the mountain, passing by dense forests and rice fields before getting back out on the coastal road and cycling back to the resort, taking pictures along the way. We had some time to rest and freshen up, and then late in the afternoon we headed back to the city. 

IMG_5037 IMG_5004 IMG_5012 IMG_4263

We arrived at Hinigaran at around [1900], we had spaghetti and barbecued pork for dinner, before heading back to Bacolod for some well deserved rest. This has been by far, the most fun I had on my birthday; celebrating in a place far from home with relatives, and being surprised beyond belief by my loving girlfriend and equally loving cousins. Thank you for making this day extra special for me! I love you all!

See you on my next adventure!

Click here to see the rest of the pics.

Up next: The Angry Christ and Mambukal Hot Springs.


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About franciscolme

I've had fantasies of touring all the 7,107 islands (well, I guess not ALL of them) of the Philippines on a bike ever since I was introduced to riding folding bikes over a year ago; it sure has opened up a whole new world, or rather, a new perspective in seeing the places I used to frequent. Touring on a bicycle has shown me sights I rarely see when riding in any other means of transportation. It allows me to take time and absorb the sights and sounds each place has to offer.

2 responses to “Bacolod Birthday Escapade”

  1. mae says :

    “smiling from ear to ear” – I knew it even over the phone, I can feel your smile!
    I’m glad you enjoyed & had a wonderful time during your birthday. I am lucky to be blessed with a sweet & loving boyfriend like you 🙂 I love you dadad!

  2. ethole says :

    ka sweet oi…..hhhehehhehe
    belated happy birthday

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