Bacolod Cycle Tour

Continuing from where I left off, Part 2 of the Visayas Cycle Tour Series.

Prior to heading to this part of the trip, I had read about the Heritage Zone of Silay City. So I did a little research and on finding information about the colorful history the City, I decided to take a closer look and take a side trip to this little known (at least, to my knowledge) city. 

Upon arriving at Bacolod-Silay International Airport, the first order of business was to check if my belongings were in tip-top shape and finding none of major concern, I went directly to the cargo terminal to claim a box of pomelo I had send a couple of days before as pasalubong for my cousins. After arranging the box and two backpacks on the rear rack of my folding bike, I headed out of the airport and proceeded to the Silay City Heritage Zone located around 6-kilometers away.

IMG_4077 IMG_4078IMG_4082 IMG_4080 IMG_4098 IMG_4109

Information I garnered from a Tourism Officer of the city told me that the museums would open at [1000] , and since I took the first flight out from Cebu City, I arrived way too early to take a look inside the museums. So I did the next best thing, took out my smartphone and checked out my location on Google Maps; I tell you, it’s a very handy app to have around. On confirming my location, I went house-hopping.

Silay City is the second city to be declared a “museum city”, owing to its large collection of magnificently preserved historical houses, with some dating back from the early 19th century. It was quite a sight to behold, seeing all these ancestral houses being preserved for future generations to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the olden days. Some houses were declared as museums, those whose grandeur couldn’t be denied even with the passing of time.

After spending the next hour circling the heritage zone and taking pictures along the way, I pedaled my way through wide scenic roads and flanked on both sides by sugarcane fields; Negros is, after all, known as the sugarcane capital of the Philippines. After about an hour, I reached Bacolod City and headed straight for my cousin’s house. After a light breakfast and some chit-chat with the relatives, I took a much needed nap to recharge my body and my phone.

Waking up at around noon I freshened up and after a hearty lunch, went back to Silay City with my relatives to visit the Heritage Zone and took a look inside one of the museums that was open to the public. I have always been fascinated by the Old World Charm, and this place certainly did not disappoint. The Balay Negrense had been well preserved, and with a tour guide leading the way, we were taken back to a place and time we certainly could not imagine ourselves living in. Imagine taking a bath only once a week in this climate? Ugh.

IMG_4084 IMG_4087 IMG_4089 IMG_4091 IMG_4093 IMG_4100 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4112 IMG_4129 IMG_4132 IMG_4141

After that tour, we headed back out to meet a cousin at a recently opened mall. After having refreshments, we headed to Talisay City to check out The Ruins. It is a mansion that has fallen to disrepair, but whose foundations still stand and resist the test of time. It has drawn crowds for its spectacular view especially at sunset, and I wanted to see it for myself.

What I didn’t foresee was the cloudy weather, and the magnitude of the crowd on that day. I daresay it has lost the majesty and aura it once had, with the throngs of people around taking pictures, the new structures put into place, and the groups that are having their photo-shoots at the structure.

IMG_4174 IMG_4161

With that somewhat disappointing thought, we went home to rest, have dinner (have you noticed how I seem to be eating every now and then, on the the first day alone? The word diet doesn’t exist in this part of the country!) and prepare for a night out at the city for the Electric Masskara Parade.

As we headed out to the area where they would be holding the parade, I could sense the anticipation of the people. We were having a hard time getting to the place because of human traffic in the streets! I was getting a bit too excited since this will be the first time I’m in Bacolod in time for the Masskara Festival, but the weather played the party pooper this night. It rained so hard that we were forced to take shelter at a hotel, making us miss the electric parade.

IMG_4175 IMG_4176

And with the continuing rain, we missed the rest of the night’s festivities, and I will miss the parade the following day since my itinerary will take me away from the city. So we just went home to get some much needed rest, and prepare for a few more days of adventure.

I may have missed this chance to check out the festivities of the famous Masskara Festival, but that gives me more reason to come back next year. I WILL BE BACK!

See you on my next adventure!

Click here to see the rest of the pictures.

Up next: Birthday Escapade!


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I've had fantasies of touring all the 7,107 islands (well, I guess not ALL of them) of the Philippines on a bike ever since I was introduced to riding folding bikes over a year ago; it sure has opened up a whole new world, or rather, a new perspective in seeing the places I used to frequent. Touring on a bicycle has shown me sights I rarely see when riding in any other means of transportation. It allows me to take time and absorb the sights and sounds each place has to offer.

2 responses to “Bacolod Cycle Tour”

  1. Cleober Sinues says :

    Hey bro, Sayang you missed pala the Masskara street dancing. Ivy and I haven’t been to that place as well. Let us know when you’re planning to visit again, so we can arrange our itinerary.

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