Enchanting Surigao del Sur, Day 1

The travel bug has bitten me again, this time to Enchanting Surigao del Sur… 

I had always wanted to go to Surigao del Sur, ever since I’ve heard friends talk about and post pictures of the great tourist spots they went to. So I didn’t hesitate at all when Mae invited me as her plus-one on their Team Building trip to Surigao del Sur. Part of the itinerary were all the tourist traps destinations they had to offer; most notably the International Doll House, Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River and the Britania Group of Islets.

So Day 1 started with a 5 hour van ride to Bislig, quite uneventful except for the usual chatter of a long road trip, and then getting to know a little bit about Mae’s officemates. As what other seasoned travelers always say, you get to know a lot about people during long trips/travels. Different personalities, different temperaments, a different way of looking at things. I guess we got off to a good start on that note.

Upon arriving at Bislig, we headed straight to the inn where we would stay for the night, took some time to freshen up and cool down after a long travel. When we were all set to go, we headed to the first destination of the day, the International Doll House at Ocean View Park.

This is the first time I’ve seen quite a large collection of dolls, and from all over the world at that! The owner, a well-traveled individual, loved collecting dolls and placed them all here for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. In a way, sharing each country’s culture for the rest of us who couldn’t afford to visit each and every (well, almost every) country in the world.



My personal favorites from the collection were the Kimmi Dolls from Japan and the Matryoshka Dolls from Russia.

IMG_3485 IMG_3498

After taking some time to enjoy the dolls, we had some snacks at the cafeteria, took some more pictures of the place and then headed out to the Baywalk for dinner. When we got there it was nearly dark, we took a couple more pictures and while we were having dinner, a marvelous moon rose up over the waters, a harvest-moon as some people call it. It was simply spectacular, as if saying “Good evening, and welcome to Bislig!”.

IMG_3542 IMG_3543

After that, we headed back to the hotel to finally get some rest, get our batteries recharged for tomorrow’s trip. Next stop: Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River.

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I've had fantasies of touring all the 7,107 islands (well, I guess not ALL of them) of the Philippines on a bike ever since I was introduced to riding folding bikes over a year ago; it sure has opened up a whole new world, or rather, a new perspective in seeing the places I used to frequent. Touring on a bicycle has shown me sights I rarely see when riding in any other means of transportation. It allows me to take time and absorb the sights and sounds each place has to offer.

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